Ready for Christmas UK

- ‘Menu engineering’ sounds a bit complicated, doesn’t it? It really doesn’t have to be. In the below articles we break down the basics behind menu engineering, unjumble the jargon and help get you on the path to engineering the ultimate Christmas menu.
Engineering a profitable Christmas menu: where to begin
Plate appeal: the psychology of designing the perfect menu this Christmas

- Vegan and Vegetarian main dishes are seeing a growing share of menus year on year, as consumer demand increases. Get your Christmas menu vegan-ready with our Stuffed Butternut Joint recipe

- Discover the Vegan Recipe Guide from Knorr Professional and turn king oyster mushrooms into bacon, or cashew nuts into carbonara. Download your free copy here

- How can chefs get more from their veg this Christmas? How do you utilise every part of your veg, including stalks and stems? Discover more about sustainable veg with The Future50 Foods, an initiative from Knorr Professional in partnership with the WWF that shines a light on some of the most sustainable ingredients from around the world
The Future 50 Foods Report