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If you have any queries, or are a wholesaler interested in participating, please contact the Customer Services Team on 0330 331 0790 (UK) or 353 (0) 1536 0926 (IRE)
(Lines open 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri)

Open to bona fide UK and ROI catering establishments and their employees aged 18+. Employees must seek their business owner’s permission. Scheme is available in relation to the purchase of the participating products outlined at www.ufschefrewards.com ('the Participating Products'). Join UFS Chef Rewards scheme by registering at www.ufschefrewards.com and accrue points via (up to) three nominated participating customer accounts, you must provide wholesaler customer account number for each to redeem points through nominated participating wholesalers (details of participating wholesalers can be found at www.ufschefrewards.com). Retain copy invoices as proof of purchase. Internet access required. The Scheme and membership registration commences at 9:00 GMT on 1st March 2016. Accounts or any outlets that have a direct relationship with Unilever Food Solutions are excluded from this Scheme. Visit www.ufschefrewards.com for full terms and conditions.